About Us

On 12 October, 2017 The Mosamat Budhiya Shiksha Nirman Sangathan, was registered as a Trust with Smt. Aruna Roy, Sri. Ashutosh Swami, Ashish Ranjan, kamayani and Radha Devi, as trustees.

Aruna Roy: Aruna Roy is an Indian social activist, organiser and former civil servant. She is the president of the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW) and founder of the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS). She spearheaded the Right to Information Campaign in India.

Ashish: A Computer Science graduated from FIU (USA) and B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur, Ashish is a committed activist and is part of several campaigns and movements for social change.

Ashutosh Swami: Retired General Manager of Indian Railways is passionate about education and its role in development of human beings. Believes in equality for all.

Kamayani: Graduate of Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University and Tata Institute Of Social Sciences (TISS) firmly believes in Sangharsh and Nirman. Kamayani is an educationist, unioniser and has worked with several campaigns for the last two decades years.

Radha Devi: One of the earliest people to join the Jan Jagarn Shakti Sangathan and expand the union in Nepal bordering areas of Araria district. She has not had any formal education, but Radha devi is committed to building a just and equitous society and in that values the role of health and education. Her direct link to rural working life, makes her a very important person on the Board of Trustees.


Abhimanyu, a post graduate from Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD), is a permanent resident athe MBSNS jeevanshala. He is the acdemic coordinator for the centre and also helps with learning of maths and social sciences in the middle school equivalent groupings at the centre.

kamayani swami, responsible for english learning of all children. She is also taking classes for EVS at the primary level.

Mithun Kumar, is a volunteer teacher-learner at the centre, mostly looking at children’s overall development, in addition to English and computer learning.

Munchun, facilitates children’s hindi, english, maths and computer learning in all groupings, equivalent to primary school classes.. She is also helping children at the middle class level equivalent groupings to learn sewing.

Priyanka, is responsible for Maths and english learning in all groupings, equivalent to primary school classes. A graduate student herself, Priyanka values education as a tool for the emancipation of those from marginalised communtities.

Rabindra Kumar, a very active and able centre manager. He also takes responsibility as the Bank Manager of the Children’s bank at the centre, an intiative to help children learn banking, from an early age, and gain functional skills.

Sangeeta Dev, facilitates children’s hindi, english, maths and computer learning in all groupings, equivalent to primary school classes.

Shankar Paswan, kitchen in charge and cook, working in tandum with children’s shramdaan, to ensure that they get healthy meals and snacks every day. Though Shankar ji, has not had too much formal education he understands the value of overall development, for the children.

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