We are trying to make a small difference… We can’t do it without your help and support!

You can also watch a small video on the MBSNS Jeevanshala here.

We rely on individual donations from friends, supporters and well wishers. Though we are open to receiving institutional funds, our primary support right now is individual donors like you. If you feel you would like to support our activities, you could send us your contribution in Indian Rupees*. We can only accept donations from Indian citizens.

Cheque should be in the name of Mosamat Budhiya Shiksha Nirman Sangathan  and sent to Kamayani Swami, C/o Dr. S.R. Jha, Ashram Road, Araria – 854311, Bihar. 

Abhimanyu, +91 94609 69188; Kamayani Swami,  +91 97719 50248, 

*Please note that MBSNS is in the process of getting 80G, so donations are not tax exempt at present.


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