The Mosamat Budhiya Shiksha Nirman Sangathan (MBSNS), was registered under the Trust Act on 11th October, 2017. Though the registration is new, this educational initiative itself is born out of a ten year old struggle that started in Araria district of North Bihar. The struggle was a humble attempt to ensure that people’s entitlements under laws like the NREGA were met. In the process we committed ourselves to building a better world, “nyay samanta ho aadhaar aisa rachenge ham sansar!”

However, even in the early phase of our struggle we understood that the struggle was as much within as outside. The hierarchies that we saw outside had made their homes in our hearts and minds. And we have in our own limited ways tried to keep our caste, class, gender, religion and minorities lenses on to ensure that we worked with justice in our heart and in our actions. This education initiative is to strengthen what we have instinctively known, as Dr. Ambedkar said “Shikshit Ho! Sangathit ho! Sangharsh Karo! Sangharsh Karo!”

The Trust was named after our local hero Mosamat Budhiya, read her story here.

Latest Posts:

  • CONSTITUTION WORKSHOP – Holding up constitutional values
    The values thus engaged with were Justice/ Nyay, Equality/Samanata, democratic republic/loktantratmak gantantra, freedom/swatantrata, fraternity/ bandhutva, Socialist/ samajvad, Sovereignty/ Sampoorna Prabhutva Sampann and Secularism/ Panthanirpeksha/Dharmanirpeksha.
  • Youth Workshop On Elections And Electoral Landscape
    The entire group were presented with placards with political party symbols stuck on them. The group was asked to identify the political party based on the symbols. At this point, the broad ideological leanings of each coalition were also mentioned and the difference between left wing, right wing and centrist politics briefly discussed.
  • Gearing Up To Improve The State Of Health In Bihar In 2021
    As part of revisiting key health inequalities, a session on gender was conducted. The session focused on common gender differences in health outcomes, and the life-cycle approach that shows that gender inequality in each stage of life accumulates and produces long term health inequalities.
    Dear Friends, When people think of volunteering, they usually look for something in their vicinity, but we are very far away, in Bihar. So a special thank you for considering volunteering with us. If you haven’t already browsed our website please do, it will give you a better idea of what we do. The MosamatContinue reading “VOLUNTEER WITH US”
  • मोसमात बुधिया – एक साहसी किसान
    बुधिया मोसमात अररिया में रहती थी. तब अंग्रेजों का राज था. अंग्रेज़ बहादुर का दरबार यहीं केंद्र के पास लगता था. कहते हैं अंग्रेज़ कंपनी मालिक इस इलाके में ज़बरदस्ती नील की खेती कराते थे. नील से ज़मीन बर्बाद होती थी, धान की कमी हो गयी थी और भुखमरी की हालत इलाके में छा गयीContinue reading “मोसमात बुधिया – एक साहसी किसान”