December 2022: ending the year strong

What a year we have had! So much learning, unlearning, re-learning, and co-learning. This year, our children have surprised us, strengthened us, and sustained us. And we hope that they continue to flourish in years to come…

A highlight of this month was the sports day. We value sports at Jeevanshala not just for the physical stamina that it builds, but also for the team-spiritedness and sense of equality sports can foster among children. Here are a few photos of the sports day this year:

Another important year end activity at the Mosamat Budhiya Jeevanshala was the disability sensitisation workshop. For sometime we had been planning this workshop, building towards inclusive education, but we soon realised that our resource persons, were finding it difficult to reach this far away place, and our team stepped up with help from Kshama (a TISS alumni and active member of the Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal ). Kshama gave us an online training and a team of the Jeevanshala TLs and a parent, came together and conducted a day long workshop where children went through four different rooms, where activities were set up for them to experience first hand what it felt like to live with a disability. We ended the day with watching Satyamaev Jayate episode on disability

Also following up on an earlier TOTO (Theatre of the Oppressed) workshop we did another workshop. Our experience has showed us that when children seem to act in ways that are contrary to the accepted rules of the Jeevanshala, it does not always help to have discussions and lectures, but to have them play out what is happening with them and TOTO gives us the space to do this. The day of making freezes and images with TOTO techniques, goes a long way in reflecting on what is happening and why we are engaging in it.

Following our annual tradition, the MBSNS Jeevanshala celebrated Christmas with everyone together. We talked about why Christmas is celebrated. The junior grouping had made a tiny Christmas tree and Vibhore got some candies for the children, which they picked up and gifted to someone in the group saying “Merry Christmas” till everyone in the hall had candy and a tiny taste of Christmas 🙂 

Puttu gave birth to six little ones and the children are spending a lot of time loving them and caring for them.

Ambedkar Nagar NFE centre continued, with children moving to written work, along with a lot of play, reading and activities.

I hear… i forget
I see … i remember
i do … i understand

And we had are usual share of arts and crafts, in the Saturday workshops.

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