Leveraging The Power Of Social Media – Level 2

19, 20 February 2021

This social media workshop, was with participants from the earlier social media workshop held in December, 2020.

Building on the December workshop, the workshop this time focused on improvement of video making skills such as: making sure endings are not abrupt, introducing both visual and sound effects, choosing better quality images, how to look out for, how to extract sound from videos, how to make videos using a voiceover, how to set photographs in keeping with the rhythm of the song. For this, Sabyasachi prepared a presentation, where he actually demonstrated the steps to each of these actions. 

Tanmay and Abhimanyu, co-facilitated the sessions with inputs on the non-technical side, leading to some healthy discussions. After which major days/festivals coming up in the next couple of months were identified and it was decided to make videos to mark each of these days. Additionally, some saathis also decided to make content on a few contemporary issues.

The list of issues/days to be marked included, 8 March – Women’s Day ,  10 March – Savitri bai , 23 March – Bhagat Singh Shaheed Diwas 14 April – Ambedkar Jayanti, 1 May – Labour Day (Akhilesh), Rising mehengaai Elections.  

Hard at work or Hardly working? 😉
Posing in a lighter moment during lunch breaks
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