This is the script of a play the children came up with, when making use of English words, learnt for family relations like mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother and others. Mithun jotted down the script exactly as how the the children did it.


He is 10, he likes observing squirrels, he shouts excitedly “watch them dance”. The child of a landless Dalit labourer, this one has a spark in his eye and you know he will go far. She is almost always quiet. She’s 10 but doesnot recognize English or hindi alphabets, though she has memorized the alphabetsContinue reading “AN APPEAL FOR SUPPORTING THE NEW GENERATION LIVE ITS DREAM”

Social Media: Moving from Passive Consumers to Active Creators– The Bengal Experience

From March 1st -4th,2021 a small team of three from the MBSNS visited a trade union of landless labourers and marginal farmers based in West Bengal to conduct a 4 day social media content creation workshop with activists and young people from their union. Special thanks to Anuradha di and Swapan da for inviting us inContinue reading “Social Media: Moving from Passive Consumers to Active Creators– The Bengal Experience”

Leveraging The Power Of Social Media – Level 2

19, 20 February 2021 This social media workshop, was with participants from the earlier social media workshop held in December, 2020. Building on the December workshop, the workshop this time focused on improvement of video making skills such as: making sure endings are not abrupt, introducing both visual and sound effects, choosing better quality images,Continue reading “Leveraging The Power Of Social Media – Level 2”

मोसमात बुधिया – एक साहसी किसान

बुधिया मोसमात अररिया में रहती थी. तब अंग्रेजों का राज था. अंग्रेज़ बहादुर का दरबार यहीं केंद्र के पास लगता था. कहते हैं अंग्रेज़ कंपनी मालिक इस इलाके में ज़बरदस्ती नील की खेती कराते थे. नील से ज़मीन बर्बाद होती थी, धान की कमी हो गयी थी और भुखमरी की हालत इलाके में छा गयीContinue reading “मोसमात बुधिया – एक साहसी किसान”