Stories from the Centre (2021)

In 2018, we turned to you for support. And thanks to all your support, we were able to see 10 children through their school education, no drop outs. This year post covid-19, we have selected a set of 7 new students and more are to join in. Please do look below for a pictorial introduction to the new group of students and also our appeal.

LEARNING IS FUN AND PLAY – This is the story of a bunch of happy children, unfazed by the harshness of their economic and social realities. Their spirit for learning has not been tamed by rote learning, corporal punishment and other such mores still present in our education system. Even the year they have lost to covid has not affected their spirits. Salaams to their spirits, to their desire to learn!

Anant is 10. He laughs a lot. He’s a happy child. Despite the fact that there has been no school for the last one year, due to Covid, that the Government school in his village has not been child centric, he is very enthusiastic about learning. His parents are landless Dalit daily wage labourers. Jai krishan ji and Sulekha ji put together the little they have to get Anant to the centre, for his further education.

Manjali came to the centre accidentally, in 2019. She was a very timid and silent child, and her sister just got her along on one of her various trips to the centre. Slowly she started opening up and when all the smaller children were asked to leave in March 2020, during the lock down, she spoke, she said she will be back. And a year later, as we recover from covid Manjali is back. She is silent again, but she is opening up fast. Her parents, who are landless Dalit daily wage workers, can ill afford an education for her, but atleast they spare her to be at the centre, when many hold on to their daughters at home, using their free labour.

Priyanshu’s parents are small peasants. They have had some formal education, but more than anything else, they are very aware. Poonam, Priyanshu’s mother, spreads information about health issues in the community, as a Health volunteer, while working her lands, managing the house and bringing up the children. Amar, Priyanshu’s father, is an able farmer, for him education is not about getting a job for Priyanshu, their life as small farmers, with back breaking works, ensures a certain dignity, but he wants his son to learn and be exposed to the world.

Rani has been at the centre the last two years. Her elder brothers have completed their tenth and twelfth, from the centre. She wants to learn, to fly, to get ‘knowledge’ as she likes to put it. She is in the Eighth standard this year.

Sachin’s brother, completed his Twelfth standard from the centre. Sachin like other children comes from a working people’s family. He is enthused by learning and doing well at the centre.

Bhagyashree is the daughter of a brave woman, Sangeeta. Sangeeta was married while still in middle school , but she continued studying and completed her BA. She has stepped out of home boundaries, to make sure her children get to study. Bhagyashree is currently enrolled in 7th standard.


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