INTERNSHIP 2021 – Appeal for Funds

Dear all,

As the world begins to open up, and we slowly begin to return to a post-pandemic world, we are pleased to announce the return of the Youth Internship –a flagship program of the JJSS that has run since 2015. Sharing a couple of glimpses from past internships here.

Interns from batches 1-4 gather for a follow-up workshop on caste oppression.
Interns from 2019 in their daily meditation circle before starting their day of fun and learning.

This internship is a unique opportunity for young people between the ages of 16-24 years to come together, make new friendships, learn new skills, find themselves and open their eyes to new ways of looking at the world. The annual residential intensive workshop is eagerly awaited by all in the union as it is a time where promising young people from the villages come together for month of fun, challenge and learning. Whether it stepping out of the house for the first time or finding their own voice and learning to facilitate games for children across communities, or doing the important work of confronting our own biases of gender, caste, religion and class, this internship is a lifechanging experience for everyone involved.

In 2020, the pandemic did not allow us to do the internship. But this year, we have been flooded with inquiries from eager young people about the same. Recognising the importance of this flagship program, we have decided to go ahead with the internship this year with necessary COVID precautions in place. The internship will run from July 15 – August 15 with restricted number of participants and field trips. Selections are underway and glimpses from the interview process can be seen here:

INTERVIEW DAY: The team orients prospective interns before the interview.

 Running a month-long residential program requires resources and for that, we need YOUR help! Please help us make the internship happen. We need to raise a little over Rs. 1 lakh. As in the past couple of years, the internship will be hosted and run by the Mosamat Budhiya Shiksha Nirman Sangathan (MBSNS) centre, a sisterly organisation of the JJSS. Please contact Tanmay 8092118525 or Kamayani for details on how to donate.

BUDGET for July Internship 2021

Travel2000/team for 4 teams/3 village visits24000
Food30 persons/20days @Rs. 5030000
Internship StipendRs.1000 for 20 interns20000
Field trip (2 day trip)3000030000
Stationery kits and survey materials60006000
Resource person1000010000
 Total  125000
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