October, 2022 – A Year Later at Eklavya, Bhopal

October brought with it several activities but also some down time for repair and restoration. As photos below show, we made a trip to Eklavya, Bhopal. With our long-time co-travelers at Eklavya, we refreshed what we had learnt one year ago. We further worked on social science and science teaching and learning for middle school.Continue reading “October, 2022 – A Year Later at Eklavya, Bhopal”

September, 2022 – The Theatre Month

Photos above are from the “Theatre of the Oppressed” workshop held at the jeevanshala, this month. This style of theatre believes in dialogue with the audience as contradictory to conventional theatre practice. The issue is selected by the performers and in between the act, audience is called for interaction or discussion on the issue. TheContinue reading “September, 2022 – The Theatre Month”

August, 2022 – Opening up of Bank accounts

August saw the beginning of the Children’s bank at the Jeevanshala. Children at the Jeevanshala have their own passbooks and operate their own accounts. They deposit their cash with the Bank Manager (also the Centre Sanchalak) Rabindra Bhaiya. Whenever they need any commodity, they fill a requisition slip. Once they receive their item, Rabindra BhaiyaContinue reading “August, 2022 – Opening up of Bank accounts”

July, 2022- at the Jeevanshala

Unlike conventional classroom spaces, children at Jeevanshala are free to use the floor for various activities. This helps in expressing themselves not just through writing or drawing, but also through their body language. MBSNS Jeevanshala TLs have been providing training to youths working with children on story reading. Story reading and writing is an integralContinue reading “July, 2022- at the Jeevanshala”

June, 2022 – Monsoon preparation at the Jeevanshala

June is the beginning of heavy rainfall in Araria. Thus we decided to construct a brick pathway inside the center. Children constructed this pathway in their morning shramdaan. Early in the month we had an intense discussion with Nasir bhai a Journalist and an old friend of the Jeevanshala. Nasir bhai started the discussion withContinue reading “June, 2022 – Monsoon preparation at the Jeevanshala”