June, 2022 – Monsoon preparation at the Jeevanshala

June is the beginning of heavy rainfall in Araria. Thus we decided to construct a brick pathway inside the center. Children constructed this pathway in their morning shramdaan. Early in the month we had an intense discussion with Nasir bhai a Journalist and an old friend of the Jeevanshala. Nasir bhai started the discussion withContinue reading “June, 2022 – Monsoon preparation at the Jeevanshala”

Year End at the Jeevanshala, December, 2021

These two photos have a special meaning for us. Its been about eight months that boys and girls on the campus have been playing football together and then we heard that their would be a woman’s football match, in Araria itself. All children went with their Physical education TL (teacher learner), Biswajit and Abhimanyu. December,Continue reading “Year End at the Jeevanshala, December, 2021”

November, 2021 at the Jeevanshala

After the festive break in October, the Jeevanshala reconvened in November. The Teacher Learner (TL) team, was excited to try out all the beautiful things we had learned on our trip to Bhopal. Here is a glimpse of November. Another beautiful thing that happened at the JS in November, was a visit by Manoj, ShruthiContinue reading “November, 2021 at the Jeevanshala”