September, 2021 at the Jeevanshala

The idea that we all learn from each other is beautifully illustrated below, where students help each other learn the making of brooms from palm frond. A skill only a few teacher learners (TL) have.

Our children are fascinated with colours, for them a cat on paper is not the usual boring browns, whites, but all the above 🙂

One jungle walk behind the centre, in the jungle vibhag, has many things to contribute to children’s learning. Nature heals and teaches, and when we came back from it our children made a herbarium and put words they used to describe things in the jungle, with english and hindi words, increasing their vocabulary.

Shram daan can take many forms. Children, clean their rooms, and common spaces, as part of their daily shramdan. In August when we started preparing the computer room their shramdan was in the form of carrying mud bricks and brining down a large wall. This month it came as carrying bricks for finalising the computer room and also as cleaning masalas, and showing them the sun, along with their regular shram daan duties.

We always welcome visitors to the Jeevanshal, and this month Azad bhai and his friend who work in the jail bureaucracy dropped in to chat with the children. They asked if anyone had seen a jail and phut came the reply “i have been there”. This was eleven year old Siddhi, who had been sent to jail with her mother and other family members. Soon we got to know that almost four of our students have been in jail, in similar situations. A sad telling of how things work for the poor and marginalised.

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