Year End at the Jeevanshala, December, 2021

These two photos have a special meaning for us. Its been about eight months that boys and girls on the campus have been playing football together and then we heard that their would be a woman’s football match, in Araria itself. All children went with their Physical education TL (teacher learner), Biswajit and Abhimanyu. December,Continue reading “Year End at the Jeevanshala, December, 2021”

The October, 21 Holiday for the Jeevanshala

Though the centre officially, closed in the first week of October. The Teacher Learner (TL) Team, went to Bhopal for the first exposure visit. Please do browse below for a short photo update of October at the Jeevanshala. L-R : Discussion on Gandhi Jayanti, captured on the board cloud; Special Shramdan – Senior students makeContinue reading “The October, 21 Holiday for the Jeevanshala”

Stories from the centre 2018-21

The children from the centre carry many stories of their own. Each with their aspirations of growth and change. We are now running a campaign to raise funds for their education. If you’d like to contribute, fund this campaign – “I have 3 sisters and one brother, and my parents work as laborerers inContinue reading “Stories from the centre 2018-21”