Year End at the Jeevanshala, December, 2021

These two photos have a special meaning for us. Its been about eight months that boys and girls on the campus have been playing football together and then we heard that their would be a woman’s football match, in Araria itself. All children went with their Physical education TL (teacher learner), Biswajit and Abhimanyu.

December, was made even more exciting for the children, by a group of bikers, driving across araria towards the North East, kindly agreed to visit our centre. Shrey who was travelling solo from Delhi to Kalimpong, on his motorcycle, stopped at the centre with, Unais and Basith, two young men travelling from Kerala to the North East. The children were fascinated and excited to hear about their travel experiences. The bikers also let all children across gender and age, mount their bikes and have a photo shoot 🙂

Sakshi, is our youngest. She is a day scholar and comes in everyday with her older sister. She may be five or six. She usually sits in with the basic one class. No one is forced to write alphabets, but their are games in which children learn to identify words. One of the game favourites is the word “TREE”. So, all children went around writing tree on sheets and sticking it to a tree on the campus. Later when all children were gone to their classes, i saw Sakshi sitting by herself, writing TREE for herself, to stick to a tree she likes 🙂 Learning comes with freedom, not force. Thank you for reiterating this lesson SAKSHI!

And 2021 closed for a short few days, to celebrate the year end and winter break, but before that we did a little christmas celebration by singing along with rudolf the red nosed reindeer and jingle belwa.

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