A Happy Begining – January, 2022

Post a small christmas celebration, we took a very short winter cum year end break. As we readied to reopen the centre, the covid scare was back and Bihar Government closed down Government schools. We decided that though we would not call the younger students, we would call the 5 senior group students and we, the TL (Teacher-Learner) team picked up our books, to strengthen our learning.

We watched Meera Nair’s Queen of Katwe, the week after we started playing chess. Soon we realised that once all children were back on campus, we would need more boards and plastic boards would be too flimsy, so we decided to get boards made by our local carpenter, and we painted ourselves, a chess board, two boards of snakes and ladders and one board of ludo.

As we started a Non Formal Education (NFE) centre in the neighbouring mohalla of our centre, the TL team discussed the idea of volunteering at the centre with the five senior students on campus, all students were excited by the idea and what followed was a beautiful give back to the community. Some photos below.

Anand leads a game
Exhilerated – A shot of Rani and Anand at the NFE centre

This period was a chance to focus more on the learnings of the senior group. While doing our electricity chapter, we were amazed when our students who were asked to sketch switches, came with 6-8 illustrations of switches. They also were enthused by the idea of making various circuits and trying out what worked and what din’t. Science is doing!

With a septic tank, which had collapsed, and a missing boundary, a lot of January, also went into developing the centre’s basic infrastructure, and getting a proper septic tank with a sokhta in place.

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