March 2022 – An Academic Year ends

While studying about circuits and electricity in our senior class, we looked at ways of connecting this to our day to day life. Around this time, we found out that Adil, a youth volunteer who used to visit the centre, knew how to fix LED bulbs, so we requested him to do a workshop with our children. Adil in action …

Classes, went full steam in March, as this was the last month of the first academic year at the centre, so much so that the centre was not closed even for Holi. We just spent a day or two celebrating Holi and also rethinking the rituals. So we avoided chemical colours played our traditional “dhurkhel”, a local custom of playing with mud and dust (dhool). We also performed “holika dahan” in which we all lighted a small fire, wrote one thing in us that we wanted to change and burnt it in the fire.

Somewhere in the middle of March, the Bihar Government decided that it wanted to do an assessment of all children across classes enrolled in Government schools. In reality what happened was that assessment was conducted like exams, with cheating, tension and pressure 😦 Our children appeared for their exams as well. Here is a glimpse into March on the field and in the class 🙂

Senior group children from the centre, sing a song at the Bhagat Singh Jayanti celebrations in Araria.

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