February, 2022 at the Jeevanshala

One of the most exciting exercises to happen at the centre, for our children, was the mask making workshop. The senior students, were given a small training on making masks, from old newspapers, by cultural activist Jitendra Paswan. Jitendra is a former Sarpanch from Katihar and also Secretary of the JJSS. He is active with social causes. Here is one scene, captured over a few photos…

Given the marginalised background our children come from, most of them are first generation literates, with meagre economic and social resources, they may or may not excel academically, but they are turning out to be fine human beings. This was confirmed when I saw this beautiful act of care. Rani came back from the playing field, where little Shahzad and fallen. She applied first aid and took care of Shahzad. Rani is the senior most student. She is to appear for her eighth standard exams this year and pass out of the Centre 🙂

February, marked the reopening of the centre in full strength. Here are glimpses into the classroom, under the mango tree, or in the four walls that also make classes 🙂

As we can see in the photos above, the “ganitmala” is an integral part of our basic maths classes. Clockwise: shahzad works on the “ganitmala”; the class in the shadow of the “ganitmala”; Siddhi works on the “ganitmala”; Maths assessment being done by TL Priyanka.

The winter is no deterrent to our shramdan, children working along with Arun ji, to protect the peepul tree planted behind the centre.

In our attempts at bringing the infrastructure up to the mark, we made an accidental sand pit, out of our centre. As the workers dug the centre land to make a septic tank, what came out was very sandy soil. We decided to layer the centre with this sandy soil during our “sharmdan”. Children made the sandy soil their free play sand pit 🙂

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