End of summer Break, preparation for learning

Post the summer break, all of us met and greeted each other with love and hugs. After the initial get together, everyone got into a frenzied cleaning spree – fans, almirahs, carpets were brushed, rooms and floors were scrubbed clean and we got started. This was a great management feat on the part of the children, who assigned and distributed tasks themselves and were fully responsible for the entire cleaning spree.

Next day, all teacher learners (TL) sat down for planning their respective subjects. New Mathematics classes were started at Ambedkar Nagar Center. May also saw a lot of visitors bringing a lot of learning for children. Three interns from the Azim Premji University (APU) visited our center. They discussed with the children about the beauty of regional and cultural diversity around food habits, clothing, language etc. Satyendra, a Dalit Youth activist, associated with CSEI and the national Youth Forum, spent an evening with the children and played a game together where th children had to introduce themselves with an imaginative story. Creating stories at the moment and adding funny imagination to them was fun.

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