June, 2022 – Monsoon preparation at the Jeevanshala

June is the beginning of heavy rainfall in Araria. Thus we decided to construct a brick pathway inside the center. Children constructed this pathway in their morning shramdaan.

Early in the month we had an intense discussion with Nasir bhai a Journalist and an old friend of the Jeevanshala. Nasir bhai started the discussion with ‘What do you want to become in life ?’ Children came up with interesting replies and then the discussion went into introspection of their choice.

Nasir Bhai with the children

Sex education is an integral part of learning at the Jeevanshala. We revisited the earlier discussion about good and bad touch reiterating the safety rule.

We continued learning with nature. There is a forest area nearby and some classes are conducted under its shady trees.

Learning in Jeevanshala is done through lots of hands on activities and ‘learning by doing’. This month included the introduction of a sentence making board game. Also in Mathematics, while learning about measurement, we used a measuring tape to learn the actual or approximate lengths so as to get idea of real measurements in day to day life.

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