July, 2022- at the Jeevanshala

Unlike conventional classroom spaces, children at Jeevanshala are free to use the floor for various activities. This helps in expressing themselves not just through writing or drawing, but also through their body language.

MBSNS Jeevanshala TLs have been providing training to youths working with children on story reading. Story reading and writing is an integral part of our classes and is an important tool for developing language skills and imagination.

Sangeeta leads a session in the story telling workshop, for youth!

In the month of July came special guests from Delhi Government Schools, Isha, Rajni and our old friend Megha to look into our ways of working with children. During our two days interaction, we shared lot of learnings with each other. Kanika was also here who is pursuing her PhD from USA. We also visited a nearby government school together and discussed issues and differences of facilities in Delhi and Araria.

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