September, 2022 – The Theatre Month

Photos above are from the “Theatre of the Oppressed” workshop held at the jeevanshala, this month. This style of theatre believes in dialogue with the audience as contradictory to conventional theatre practice. The issue is selected by the performers and in between the act, audience is called for interaction or discussion on the issue. The theme choosen by the Jeevanshala children was teasing, bullying and thus children were asked to come up with a story from the centre which they din’t like. The story was then depicted in the form of an image by groups. Sharing some photos below.

In another theatre exercise this month, Shiv Bhai a cultural worker, theatre person and old friend of the MBSNS centre visited the jeevanshala and engaged the children in a day long theatre workshop, mostly getting them to think for themselves of what they see around them. Children participated enthusiastically chugging the children’s rail around the campus, imaging their homes and clpuring them bright, singing and making theatre images, while Shiv Bhai engaged them in the various activities. Some photos of the day below.

Daily milk distribution
grapefruits from Priyankas’s family tree 🙂
Fish meals once a month

As the Jeevanshala focuses on the development of the mind and body, this month like all others saw nutritious and healthy meals, accompanied with daily milk distribution, and local seasonal fruits, including but not limited to grapefruits that one of our teachers sent from her family tree 🙂 And another welcome addition to the children’s diet has been – FISH – a generous grandfather contributes every month for the children’s monthly non-veg meal, which brings much joy to the children, for whom fish is a regular, low cost, often sourced without additional expense meal at home.

Regular classes continued at the Jeevanshala. Photos above (clockwise) We visit the local carpenter Shayam ji as part of learning about woodwork (class V, EVS); English class using theatre to increase our vocabulary; Games with word cards, prepared by children to learn english words they have choosen to learn; Craft activity as part of the Hindi class; Creative creations from the hindi class; Learning to read the time; English assessment in progress with Babunand and Neetu, children have learnt over hundred English words, as part of their initial vocabulary through games and fun activities, including bingo, kaun aaya, kaun gaya, card jhapatta and many more.

Kids had fun today. Senior and Junior students took the class on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. In the role of Teacher Learner, he looked very serious and was great to see everyone’s interest

On 5th September, Teacher’s day, the children from senior and junior groupings shared with us that they wanted to celebrate teachers’ day and make us halwa. We shared our own experiences of schooling and how we used to take classes and be teachers for a day. And so it was, when we reached the centre the children had taken over as teachers. Very sensitive and beautiful, their interaction with all the children.

Children being teacher learners in different classes … Computers, Hindi, English, Maths, EVS

30th September, was the last working day of this semester. We met each parent, and spoke to them emphasizing the need to take care of children, and not pampering them with junk food and smart phone access. It was also decided that since the centre was run with community donations, parents, though from the most marginalised communities will try to contribute one sack of rice for their child learning at the centre. Ramchander ji and Bina Devi sign the paper work, as they prepare to head back with their son Laddu Kumar, one of the many bright children at the centre.

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