October, 2022 – A Year Later at Eklavya, Bhopal

October brought with it several activities but also some down time for repair and restoration. As photos below show, we made a trip to Eklavya, Bhopal. With our long-time co-travelers at Eklavya, we refreshed what we had learnt one year ago. We further worked on social science and science teaching and learning for middle school. As always, we came back energized and inspired and look forward to future co-learning and collaborations with Eklavya.

Although October was a month of holiday at the Jeevanshala, we used this time to repair and restoration. As seen in the photos below, we trimmed the trees and flora around– a process that reminds us that any growth requires grooming and care.

Finally, to mark and the festive break for durga puja, diwali, and chath, we put up lights at the gate of our centre. May these lights dispel all darkness of injustice and guide us to peace, justice, and resilience!

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